Case Study 1 For this assignment, every student must: Respond

Case Study 1

For this assignment, every student must:

  • Respond to the specific asks in the case study.
  • Prepare a 3-page briefing memo addressing the questions raised.
  • Make sure to include citations as needed.
  • Provide a fact-based argument or rationale for your stated response. Be sure to consider not only the policy, but the broader politics of the situation.

Case Study Prompt:You are the senior health policy advisor for the executive leader of the country of your choosing (suggest sticking with OECD countries). You have been asked to prepare a briefing memo ahead of a domestic tour your chief executive will be embarking on in two weeks, focusing on healthcare. In this briefing memo, you must:

  • Outline the overall views on healthcare for your executive (i.e. If you pick the United States, what is the current president’s and his political party’s views on healthcare? If you pick the UK, what is PM Boris Johnson’s views on healthcare and that of his party?)
  • Select up to 3 other countries to make direct comparisons to. You can decide on what metrics or issues to compare.
  • Provide examples of where your country has an advantage or is the leader in its healthcare system. Highlight which metrics and what source you are citing to make this claim.
  • Provide examples where your country lags others. Based on your chief executive’s views, describe why that is, and what they can do to improve the current situation.

As expected in any proper briefing memo, make sure to provide plenty of facts and proper citations for them.

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