Attached you will find a document titled “Smith Farm Casualties.”

 Attached you will find a document titled “Smith Farm Casualties.”  It was compiled on September 24, 1862 by a nurse at the Otho Smith Farm.  That farm is where Gardner took the two photos that we analyzed last week of the Union field hospital.  Her name was Elizabeth Ellicott Tyson.The following link (  )brings you to the Antietam on the Web site and provides what units were part of French’s Division.  The Otho Smith Farm was the field hospital for French’s Division.  You can click on each subordinate unit in the list and it will provide you lots of info about that unit.  What we are interested in is three numbers:  Initial Strength, Wounded, Killed.   I’m not interested in the numbers for Brigades– only numbers for regiments with a state affiliation (ex. 5th Maryland).Here is your task:

  • Tell me how many regiments were in French’s Division (name them)
  • Tell me how many of the regiments listed for French’s Division are listed on Elizabeth Tyson’s “Smith Farm Casualty” list. (name them)

Finally, tell me:

  • Which regiments from French’s Division were NOT at Smith Farm according to Elizabeth Tyson’s list. (Name the ones not at Smith Farm)
  • Of the wounded from each regiment listed on the Antietam on the Web French’s Division page, what percentage were at Smith’s Farm? (example: If the 5th Maryland on the Antietam on the Web site shows 129 wounded and Elizabeth Tyson’s casualty list shows 60 were at Smiths Farm, then 46% of the 5th Maryland’s wounded soldiers were at Smith’s Farm.


So, the Step process should be:

A. Go to Antietam on the Web (the link I sent Weds night via e-mail) and identify all of the regiments in French’s Division during the battle (Not brigades–just regiments i.e. 5th MD )

B. Look at the list attached to that e-mail that list how many of those regiments had wounded at Smith’s Farm.

C. Compare the two lists.  Tell me which of the regiments in French’s Division did not have wounded at Smith’s Farm.

D. Click on the regiment in the Antietam on the Web website and find out how many total wounded that unit had during the battle.

D. Now, we need to find out of all the wounded at Smith’s Farm, what percentage were they of their regiment’s wounded during the battle?  Example: If the 5th MD had 109 wounded at Antietam and 40 were at Smith’s Farm, then 36% of the 5th Maryland’s wounded during the battle ended up at Smith’s Farm. 

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