Assignment: Family Care Plan A family care plan is not only


Assignment: Family Care Plan

A family care plan is not only important but mandatory for single and dual military parents. Many times, military personnel will meet with a member of the Family Support Center to create a family care plan. The care plan must include how military personnel will address issues or care of their family while deployed. If you are working on a military installation in a Family Support Center, it is likely you will help dual active duty or single parents create care plans.

For this Assignment, think about how you would assist military personnel in creating a family care plan for:

  • A dual military family
  • A single military family with one parent killed in combat
  • A single parent with limited extended family

Create a template for a family care plan that you might use with one of the parents listed.

  1. What elements are necessary as part of a family care plan?
  2. How might you approach an active duty military personnel who might be resistant to including specific details of his or her family care plan?

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