Applied Behavioral Science- Effective Interpersonal Relations Summary

Choose one situation or problem that you may have encountered or witnessed at work, home or in the community that relates to interpersonal communication. Analyze this situation/problem by using concepts, theories and ides as from your readings, class discussions, and activities. Secondly, provide suggestions for solutions to this situation/problem and again taking into consideration assigned readings, class discussion, and activities. Your paper will include the following: a. Your analysis of the communication problem b. Your rational for the communication skills used c. Critique the communication exchange Please add a cover page, and appropriate citations. In order to demonstrate learning in an applied sense, include specific examples of how you have applied the concepts contained in the text to the subject of your paper. The papers are due Week 6 and must reflect college level writing standards. Late papers will not be accepted. ***THIS PAPER SHOULD BE 3-5 PAGES TYPED 12 FT TIMES NEW ROMAN DOUBLE SPACED WITH A COVER PAGE AND ERROR FREE***References should be attached and not sent as a separate document. The assignment should include the following: A cover page with your name, date and course name on it  3-to-5 pages of full text and discussion complete with proper citations  Your analysis needs to cover one or several of the concepts explored during class such as: motivation, conflict, teambuilding, delegation, etc.  There needs to be a Reference Page listing all proper citations and sources cited. Objective  Demonstrate appropriate critical thinking and decision-making skills;  Develop and demonstrate effective communication competencies;  Identify and apply effective methods of problem solving and conflict resolution across diverse contexts; Effective Interpersonal ABS340 – CRN 10554 – Daniels Winter 2019 Page 9  Apply knowledge of adult development and learning to understand human and organizational behavior Grading Rubric A successful paper should include the following:  Be concise, show cognitive thought and analysis in your discussion of the course concepts.  Recap one or several of the ideas from the class discussion, textbook, and your “real life.” MY REAL LIFE IS DEALING WITH MY 15 YEAR OLD SON..TEENAGER  Make sure there is proper citation throughout the paper and on the cover page.  It needs to be 3-to-5 pages in length, NOT counting the cover and reference pages. Resources  Students can use their textbooks, notes, handouts, personal experiences and class discussions to help form their ideas.  The students can also find assistance with NLU academic departments on campus or can contact the instructor. Format:  The paper needs to be 3-to-5 pages in length in addition to a cover page and a reference page for citations.  Textbook: LOOKING OUT LOOKING IN : Adler, R & Proctor ll, R

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