apa format 1-2 paragraphs references : Why are you here?

apa format

1-2 paragraphs

references :

Why are you here? 

You will need to have read all the items listed in the required readings and videos to be able to complete this assignment.

Surveys show four out of five workers today do not actually feel engaged in the work that they do because they don’t find much meaning in the work that they do. Meaning and purpose are increasingly more important to employees and their customers. Research shows a staggering increase in purchases made by consumers from companies that have strong values.

For this week’s discussion, choose one of the five approaches companies are taking to show the consumer how much they care for the environment, and present a critique of its potential to develop socially responsible leader. Defend your positions with credible sources and specific examples.

Our discussion forum this week may be a little confusing. The title, “Why are you here?” (Bolles, 2018) refers to one of our required videos in Module 4. Basically, for the purposes of our discussion, choose an organization and explain the approach it is using to be socially responsible. According to Grow Ensemble (2021), the following are the 10 most socially responsible companies in 2021.

  1. Patagonia
  2. Bronner’s
  3. Klean Kanteen
  4. All Good Products
  5. Warby Parker
  6. Ben & Jerry’s
  7. Bomba’s
  8. The Grove Collaborative
  9. Aspiration
  10. TOMS

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