Analyze various case examples by: a. Identifying physical performance impairments


Analyze various case examples by:

a. Identifying physical performance impairments during an occupation.

b. Selecting appropriate tests to assess the indentified physical performance deficits.

c. Determining and defending which model of practice/frame of reference would best guide the treatment of the identified impairments.

d. Implementing the selected frame of reference/model of practice in correcting, or compensating, for the identified impairments.

Curriculum thread(s) addressed:

· Occupation centered practice

  • Role      Acquisition

Assignment Objective(s): 

· The student will demonstrate proficiency in applying Activity Analysis to a wheelchair activity that requires propulsion and mobility throughout a mall or shopping center.

· Student will engage in IADLS: 

o Shopping

o Car transfers

o Functional Mobility to include:

o Accessing a water fountain 

o Accessing the elevator

o Accessing the restrooms.

o Other functional mobility related activities

· The students will be assigned the above described functional activity which they will perform resembling a patient with a pre-determined diagnosis and disability. 

· Students will analyze the functional activity outcome and submit a written assignment (minimum 3-4 pages) utilizing the following structure:

o Description of the activity(including listing the most significant steps)

o Analysis of client factors and performance skills, 

o Demands and requirements of the activity, 

o Environmental and physical context assessment, 

o List of recommendations that are evidence based

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