Administer an IRI – Individual Reading Inventory

Regarding Assignment #2, you need to work with three students. One is an ESOL student, one is an ESE student, and one is a regular education student. You need to administer an IRI – Individual Reading Inventory to each, or a similar test used by the school where these students attend. You need to determine their three reading levels: independent, instructional, and frustration level. You must also administer a Cloze test for each, or something similar that determines their vocabulary skills, and an Interest Inventory for each student. After you complete testing, you need to write the paper with the students name, age, and dates of testing.

A description of the testing instruments used, the results of the tests for each student, and a summary of the students’ skills. You then need to develop of plan of how you would work with each student based on your results, i.e. do they need support with phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, etc. You need to provide two projects/activities for each student and include the state standards these projects/activities would cover. Then you would reflect about the process, i.e. your experience with working with the students. Finally, you need to provide a letter that you would send to each parent with the results of the tests and suggestions as to how they might support the learning process for their child. Hope this helps. You don’t need to cite any sources since research is not required. You do need to follow APA form and style in terms of grammar and spelling and editing your work carefully. Also please follow the syllabus.

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