A) you will need to write in-depth minimum 200 word

A) you will need to write in-depth minimum 200 word reaction to the reading, this is a summary of what you read. It will need to be written double space and include your name, date, and chapter number (this is not included in the 200 word minimum).  It will also need to include 3 provocative questions triggered by your reading at the end of the summary .


  1. Explain the role of the family in these three different religious cultures:      
    1. Christianity
    2. Judaism
    3. Islam

2. Discuss and describe the Islamic Revolutions of 1979 and what the consequences to the culture were.

3. What is Friedman’s argument as to why Religious Nationalists are preoccupied with erotica and how does he describe erotic love?  Do you agree or disagree and Why?

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