A metaphor is a common figure of speech used by

A metaphor is a common figure of speech used by writers to compare two unlike things without using the words “like” or “as.” It has been argued that, in the novel, The Art of Fielding, baseball is presented as a metaphor for life, and that the game of baseball and life share four  major elements: 

  1. In both, what happens at the beginning might not have relevance at the end
  2. In both, even the best achievers often fail
  3. Both are team sports
  4. In both, people must figure out their roles, do them well, and help others to do theirs
  5. Both baseball and life contain anomalies, which are things that deviate from the norm resulting in the unexpected. (Adapted from: Jacob Cashman)

Discuss the idea that baseball in the novel works as a metaphor for life. Address each element above an and give a specific, detailed example from the novel (note the chapter where the scene appears) that shows the parallel. Be sure all five are addressed. 

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