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1. Artist’s Background- Choose an artist or grouping of artists that innovated American Music (i.e. “Punk rock in the 1970s” or “The Ramones”).

This does not have to be Hip Hop. Someone who you feel “changed music” and then others copied. Explain to me as if I have never heard of this person(s) how they grew up, where they are from, and other general biographical information. (2-3pgs) 2. Music That Caused a Tipping Point- Give me detailed information on their musical style (lyrics, performance, dress, dance styles etc) that was unique at the time. In what social and political environment did they make their music in? How did they change the popular music scene? (2-3 pgs).

DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE THE ELEMENTS THE ARTIST USES 3. Without______ There would be no…: If you can, try to connect this to Hip Hop music today. What elements of your featured artist can you see in other artists today? What would be missing if this artist never existed? (1-2 pgs)

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