250 words Watch the “Supply Chain Design at Crayola” video

250 words


  1. Watch the “Supply Chain Design at Crayola” video (http://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/LnIIHC9aR9HSbSghd1Gjz4c_MgoLAzyD).
  2. Review the “Supply Chain Design at Crayola” video case on page 505.
  3. Respond with answers to the questions using your critical thinking and moral reasoning skills.  If you are asked to draw an illustrative figure such as a chart, graph, or diagram, please do so and upload your document/s with your responses.  Refer to your uploaded document/s in your responses, e.g., Question 2: See attached MS PowerPoint presentation for my detailed flowchart of the Ice Cream making process.

1. Describe the text’s four external and internal pressures on supply chain 

design as they relate to Crayola’s supply chains for ColorWonder and 

Washable Deluxe Painting Kit.®


2.  Review the strategic implications of supply chains as described in the 

text. Does Crayola have efficient or responsive supply chains, or both? 

Explain your position.

3.  Regarding the design of the Washable Deluxe Painting Kit.


chain, Crayola must evaluate the strategy of next-shoring in Asia or 

retaining an existing network that involves the assembly of the kits in 

the U.S. Compare and contrast these two supply chain designs from 

perspective of the decision factors and pitfalls for outsourcing dis-cussed in the text.

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