1. If you were going to start a new technology


1. If you were going to start a new technology business, which of the emerging trends do you think would be the biggest opportunity? Do some original research to estimate the market size.


2. What privacy concerns could be raised by collaborative technologies such as Waze?


3. Do some research about the first handgun printed using a 3-D printer and report on some of the concerns raised.


4. Write up an example of how IoT might provide a business with a competitive advantage.


5. Review the employment challenge in the digital era (as well as the entire chapter11). Reflect on the various challenges are present in the digital era. Will things get better or more complicated as times goes on? Explain. What are some methods to assimilate new generations into the workforce to think about competitive advantage?

350 words you can use below reference chapter 11

Chapter 11: Globalization and the Digital Divide

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