1 For this discussion, select one of the following options

For this discussion, select one of the following options for your initial post: option A, diversity issues, or B, generational diversity:

A. Gender Diversity

Caitlyn Jenner and others have brought gender identity and transgender rights to the fore in the national media in recent years. In 2016 the state of North Carolina passed a controversial restroom law that received national attention, resulting in boycotts and an eventual “compromise bill” in early 2017 after repeal of the law. Review the Ruggs et al. and APA articles linked in Resources, then address the following:

  • If you were an I/O psychologist for a large organization, how would you deal with an employee planning to transition to the opposite sex in the next few months?
B. Generational Diversity

Older Americans are healthier, living longer, and postponing retirement, increasing the generational diversity in the workplace. The United States is also becoming more culturally diverse.

  • What are the implications of these diversity trends for leading and motivating workers in organizations?
  • How are these workers motivated differently?
  • What might a training strategy for a leader in motivating a diverse workforce look like?

Consumer Behavior and Other Human Factors in I/O Psychology

Specialized knowledge and training in the science of workplace behavior involves in-depth study of human performance, consumer behavior, and other human factors. For this two-part discussion, complete the following:

Part 1: Article Analysis

Select option A or option B for an article analysis:

  • A. Human Factors
    • Analyze one article on human factors in I/O Psychology. This involves human-technology interface and might include human factors related to safety, ergonomics, and so on.
  • B. Consumer Behaviors
    • Analyze one article on consumer behavior in I/O Psychology.

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