1. Describe how you would fix the home network of

1. Describe how you would fix the home network of your noisy neighbors.

Parameters: In 10 to 12 complete sentences, identify the CPU architecture, memory, and storage, and state why each item was selected. Please include a table indicating the cost of the items and their specifications.

Your next-door neighbors and their four kids play music at all hours of the night. When you knock on their door to complain, the mom explains that her kids play music when doing homework, but their network is so slow, the kids never finish. Knowing you’re taking classes in CIS, they ask you to help them get some sleep by speeding up their computers and network. Based on the following description, make a list of recommended upgrades you would perform. Make sure to recommend specific devices and describe how they will resolve the problem. Assume they do not trust wireless technology, so please do not base your recommendations on a wireless infrastructure.

The family has the following devices:

  • ZyXEL cable modem DOCSIS 3.0 (CDA30360)
  • TP-Link AC1750 smart WIFI router
  • 3 x D-Link 8 port 10/100 unmanaged metal desktop switch (DES-108)
  • 1 x Xbox one slim
  • 6 x Roku magically wired to the network
  • QNAP for movies and music videos
  • Vonage home phone service HT802-VD VoIP device
  • 4 x Echo Mini
  • All devices are connected using CAT3 cable
  • 5 Mac Mini (2018) with SSDs and 8 GB of memory

Parameters: Given a $500 budget, generate a quote of recommended upgrades for their network. Each item should be accompanied by a three-to-four-sentence description of why it needs to be upgraded.

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